Orlagh Grace

Orlagh. Orlagh G. Orlagm. Homio. Pallion.


A.k.a. My wonderful best friend.

Orlagh and I met at secondary school; in the infamous ‘picnic area’. The picnic area was a sacred place: where more social and popular students went to the ‘bottom playground’, the picnic area was the place to be if you were a bit of an alternative misfit.

I can’t remember exactly when it was we first spoke to one another in this great place on a week day lunch time, but I’m so glad we did! Orlagh was in the year below me so we’d have never met if it hadn’t have been for that lure of the picnic area.

Whenever it was that we hit it off; it was the start of an amazing friendship! One that little did I know at the time would last 12 years!

At school, we would print off each other’s class timetables and keep them with our own so we always knew what lessons we’d be coming out of pre-lunch and break times (we’d also leave messages to each other if we knew the other was going to be in a classroom the other had been in that day).
We’d spend our breaks together and made each other laugh till we cried (still d. We’d walk around the school shouting names like ‘Josh!’ ‘Barry!’ ‘John!’, to see if anyone turned around. Most of the time people only turned around because they thought we were mad, not because they were actually called Josh, Barry or John.

Seeing Orlagh on our breaks was the absolute highlight of my day, every day. We’d talk and talk and talk, get home from school, and talk some more! Even looking back now, our messages on Facebook go back years, where we’d write essays to each other; about our day, about our families, about boys, about friends, and mostly about twilight (we were big fans of the books back in the day).

We stayed the closest of friends all through periods of change in both of our lives, from me leaving school, to Orlagh moving to Nottingham…

As we got older our interests changed from twilight, to getting tattoos and piercings, to boys, to scary film nights, etc.

As time went on, we both changed, we both grew up; but despite that, and despite the distance between us, we always remained close.

I would travel to Nottingham to see Orlagh, or Orlagh would come to Coventry and we’d spend days out together. Picnics, dubsmash, snapchat, and shouting ‘Oioi!’ out of the car window whilst blasting gangster rap, were (and are) some of our favourite pastimes.

The beauty of my friendship with Orlagh is that we laugh until we cry every time we’re together, we talk about everything and anything, we can ask each other questions no matter how strange or crude, we can cry to each other, we support each other, and we know 100% the other is going to be there no matter what.

Orlagh is my ride or die! She has been there for me through all of my rock bottoms (plug last blog post), and she goes above and beyond what friendship is about. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her.

So to summarise:

I’ve had so many unforgettable, hilarious, amazing, emotional, and crazy times with you that mean the absolute world to me. I love you more than anything, and thank you so much for being the bestest friend I could have ever asked for. This blog is just a small shoutout to you and all you do for me. I love you x 1,000,000, and I’ll see you soon. Enjoy the photos!
Loves from, your Pallion xxxxxx

Bye xo


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