20 Things Before I’m 30

I’ve never really been one for setting goals, targets, New Year’s resolutions, and all that jazz.

I find it hard enough getting out of bed in the mornings, let alone having unachieved goals to attend to, too. That being said however, I am now approaching my mid-twenties, and often find myself thinking:

‘what have I actually done with my life so far’


‘what do I want to do with my life?’

So, for the first time ever, and probably the last- I have written a bucket list!

Without further ado, here are:



1. Get Hitched!


I’ll get the obvious ones out of the way first shall I? In at number 1 is: getting married. There are a number of reasons I want to get married someday (that’s right; not just because I want to throw an amazing, elegant, glamourous, lavish, and way out of my price range party). I know, that not all marriages last. I know that some couples get married who don’t love each other, who fall out of love with each other, or just marry for the sake of it. I know there are couples out there who have never married, and are far happier than couples who have! I’m under no illusion that marriage means ‘happily ever after’.

But, for me, who has spent the majority of my life doubting myself, and doubting that someone could ever love me, and just the idea of somebody wanting to marry me, asking me to marry them, making that commitment in front of our loved ones, etc. etc. would be such a hugely significant gesture, that I just can’t pretend I wouldn’t love to receive.

If I don’t- it’s not the end of the World! I’d be happy enough to just be happy in love. But for now, it can retain its place at the top of the list.


2. Babies, Babies, and More Babies


From a very young age- I have loved children. I could always be spotted with someone’s baby on my hip, cooing over them and wiping the dribble off their chin. I sometimes think that I was put on this earth with the sole purpose of being a mother, and that I’m even a mother now- just waiting for my children to come along. Is that sad? It actually probably sounds a bit creepy, doesn’t it?

I promise I’m not being creepy! I just have so much love in my heart to give to my future children, whether they are adopted into my family, born from a happy relationship, or however else they might get here- I just can’t wait to welcome them and watch them live a completely unique and fantastic life.


3. Buy a House


This should probably come before the marriage and the babies, shouldn’t it? Oh well! In the next 6 years I’d like to be living in my own house, which I’d have successfully made into a home. With cosy rooms, and a kitchen that always smells delicious… I imagine there’d be a dog or 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5) running around as well.


4. Be a Viking

Jotunheimen, Norway

Yes, a Viking. Ok, so maybe not pillaging and plundering like a Viking, or mirroring any of their violent tendencies… but you know what I mean. For quite a while now, I’ve been yearning to travel to Norway- specifically Jottunheimen– to see where the Norsemen lived! I want to feel the breeze up in the mountains, and walk bare foot in the streams and lakes… I want to look up at the sky and to the mountains around and imagine what the Norsemen used to image… that Odin is up in the clouds ruling over Valhalla, and that Thor’s hammer could strike down any one of the magnificent mountains around me.

I dunno, just think that’d be pretty darn cool!

5. Travel

I’m not a very Worldly, well-travelled person- most of our holidays growing up took place in Wales, or somewhere else rainy and green (which I still loved). So, as well as venturing to Norway, there are a few other places I’m hoping to pay a visit to in the not too distant future. I’d particularly like to go to Canada and New York… just to see what all the fuss is about.

6. Whale Watching

whale watching

Now, I’m sure this won’t come as a shock to many who know me, but I love animals. What some people may not know is; I also love the sea. I tend to link this with being a water sign (Cancer), though I’m sure a lot of people think that’s codswallop. I get so much out of just being by the water, and the contrast of tranquillity and power of the ocean amazes and terrifies me, and the same can be said for the creatures that live in it. Whales are magnificent, and I’d absolutely love to see them enjoying their natural habitat up close.


7. Make the Perfect Cake


I am partial to a spot of baking, and seem to have quite the knack for it (even if I do say so myself). I’ve made delicious brownies, cheesecakes, birthday cakes, muffins, cupcakes, biscuits… all sorts, with great flavours and… ‘interesting’ decoration. However, I don’t think I’ve ever quite achieved a ‘perfect’ cake. Some have been 1/10’s, others have been 9/10’s, but I’d quite like to be able to say I can make a; 10/10, delicious, fluffy, moreish, light but gooey, scrumptious cake.

8. Create My Own Recipe


I’ve only started getting into cooking in the last year, and a bit like baking, seem to be a bit of a natural (please don’t think I’m boasting- I’m never usually a natural at anything, so I have to own it on the baking and cooking front). I really enjoy putting ingredients together, and watching it become something tasty. I’ve found some great recipes online or in books, from incredibly indulgent cheesy bacon pasta, to making my own healthy ragu’s. I tend to follow recipes strictly, down to the very last detail, until I get used to making them, then add my own flavours and twists once I’ve got to know them better. But what I’ve never done is completely created my own recipe. This is down to not having enough experience of what works and what doesn’t, so I’m hoping this will come in time, and that someday, I will have my own superb secret recipe to hand down the generations.

9. Get fit!


After the last 2 points on this list being about food, you may have just laughed out loud at the title of this one. But really, I would like to be fitter. Not only would I like to get fitter to improve my health, but also so I can turn round to every single person that ever called me fat, and say:

‘Look at me now- I’ve changed, but you’ll probably always be a dickhead!’

And walk sassily away with my perfectly toned butt.

10. Go On a Yacht


Again, it’s a water thing…I love being on the sea, feeling the waves underneath a boat and seeing nothing but blue surrounding you is unbeatable. I’ve been on plenty of boats, but there is a shallow part of me that would really like to go on a fancy, luxurious yacht, and spend a day out at sea, eating good food, drinking refreshing drinks, playing in the ocean and lounging out on some ridiculously overpriced leather seats on the deck of a boat. Don’t hate me for it- I just wanna see how the other half lives! However, the only way I’d be likely to do this, is to make friends with rich people who own yachts, which I’m sure is highly unlikely… so maybe I’ll settle for going on a cruise instead 😉 .


11. Immerse Myself in a Different Culture


I’m definitely a home comforts kind of girl, and have always found it a struggle to venture outside of my comfort zone. When I expressed an interest a few years back in going on missionary aid trips abroad, people laughed and said;

‘How would you cope without washing your hair every day?’

‘You’d never cope with the heat!’

‘You wouldn’t be able to be away from home long enough’

Etc. etc. It filled me with doubt and I never took the leap. Now I’m older and wiser, and probably a bit more stubborn, I not only want to prove those people wrong, but I want to experience something unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before! I want to go somewhere where the way of life is a complete contrast to here, and to mine, and immerse myself in the culture and lifestyle. I want to learn new things, teach new things, gain different perspectives, and open my eyes to the World that’s outside my window… well, very far away from my window actually…

12. Be Good With Money!


It pains me to admit, I’m not good with money, not at all. I wish I was! But I just seem to always get myself into a pickle… I try and budget every month, and something always goes wrong. So by the time I’m 30, I’d like to think I’d have got over this ‘phase’, and have finally learnt how to be frugal.

13. Harry Potter Studio Tour x 2


I’ve been to the HP Studio Tour once before and it was magical! As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I am a proper HP nerd; so going somewhere that was completely dedicated to the films was heaven. I’ve been wanting to go back again since I walked out the exit the first time… but something always comes up; be it a lack of money, not having anyone to go with, getting the time to go, etc. So I think if I don’t get to go back before I’m 30, I may just cry.

14. Sort Out My Career


Now, I have some pretty serious career goals already in the pipeline, and I know where I want to be this time next year, let alone by the time I’m 30. That being said, whether my current goal is achieved or not, I hope that by the time I’m 30, I’m in a job where it’s not a chore to go to work… where I’m doing something I love, and the pay is just a bonus. But then again, everyone wants that, right?!

15. Perfect the ‘Smoky Eye’


I JUST CAN’T DO IT! I follow the instructions on the YouTube tutorials, I can do it on other people, but I cannot for the life of me give myself a good smoky eye!

16. Volunteer


In my teens, and throughout my time at University, I volunteered quite a lot. Now I’m in full time work, the only volunteering I do is leading my Beaver group on a Thursday evening. Most volunteer roles require you to be available in the day time, or at weekends, which isn’t always practical. So, I’d like to find some volunteering opportunities that fit around my schedule, that I enjoy, and where I can give something back.

17. Grow Something


I hate gardening, I find it really uninteresting and boring, and I’m not the kind of person that would ever own an allotment. But when I have my own house, I would quite like to be able to say I grew something in my garden! I don’t know, maybe just a carrot or a potato or something….?

18. Write a Short Story


I’ve been into writing stories ever since I was little. I remember writing stories at school when I was supposed to be doing proper work, and bringing them home to read to my Grandma, who would always say what a colourful imagination I had, and encourage me to write more. When my Gran passed away, I found it really difficult to write anything that made sense; whether that was essays, or stories… words just didn’t seem to flow on a page (or out of my mouth for that matter) as easily as they had before. Blogging has encouraged me to start getting over that, but I still struggle with a block for writing fiction. I’d like to overcome this someday, and write a gripping short story that others might get as much pleasure out of reading as my Grandma would have.

19. Win The Lottery


I put the lottery on almost every week (taking after my Grandad who did it religiously), and every week I convince myself I’m going to win. I never do! So, please, before I’m 30, I’d like to win a substantial amount on the lottery… that would be very nice. Thank you.

20. Be Happy!


Despite everything I have listed on here, all I’d really like when I’m 30 is happy; whether that’s as happy as I am now, or even happier, that’d be great. Whether the rest of this list gets accomplished or not, doesn’t really matter to me a great deal, as long as I’ve got a smile on my face and feel content, as long as there are people for me to love, and people who love me, that’s all that really matters.

So, there you go! There’s my first bucket list. Why don’t you try writing one, too? Let me know what’s first on yours!

Bye! xo


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