20 Ways to Have a Bad Day in a Good Way

Bad days are just the worse, aren’t they?

You might be having a bad day because something really awful has happened; like your partner has just ended it with you, you broke your toe, maybe your purse got stolen when you were buying a coffee that morning…

It could be a bad day because lots of little bad things have happened; like your boss has pissed you off, there’s no milk in the work fridge, your partner didn’t kiss you goodbye when he left the house, and a bird pooed on you- all before 11:30am.

Or, it could just be nothing at all (my most common type of bad day), and you just darn well feel it. Maybe its hormones, maybe its mental health, maybe you just woke up cranky that day, but even though you know nothing has really happened, you’re in the bad day zone and it ain’t too swell.

But feeling bad, and sad is important. People often forget that feeling down is just as valid a feeling as being happy! Life is a beautifully chaotic array of emotions and events, and without the bad we wouldn’t have the good, and the good definitely wouldn’t feel so great. So embrace that bad day babe, because your best day ever is just around the corner.

That being said, you always have the option to turn a bad day around (or at least try). Everyone is different; we all have different coping mechanisms, and little things that put a smiles on our faces, and when the bad times hit us, it’s those little things we need to hold onto.

I’m going to share a few of my ‘little things’ with you, that have much to my surprise often managed to make a bad day, a little brighter.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of:

20 Ways to Have a Bad Day in a Good Way:


Listen to Beyonce


Beyonce has helped me many a time. All I need do is play ‘Love on Top’, blast up them speakers, and muster up a little sing-along and I change from head-down-on-the-floor Sophie, to super-sass-Queen-of-everything-all-women-are-beautiful Sophie. She gives me that feel good factor, and- top tip; if you’re going through a break-up, some of her music will prop you right up on that single and ready to mingle road. But in all seriousness- give it a go! Her voice is very uplifting and her lyrics are very empowering.


Visit a Rehoming Centre for Animals


Ok, maybe this one is a lie. I’ve left our local rehoming centre in floods of tears more times than I care to tell you- but- there is some good in it! This is my go-to bad day activity. Not only does it put me at ease, and completely distract me from my problems, but me kneeling on the floor until my knees are dead, stroking those animals and giving them all the love and fuss in the world, makes their day. They are just so thrilled to have someone loving on them, and in those moments, how could you possibly be remembering your bad day? I leave in tears because I want to give them all a home but can’t. But I know I’ve spent time making them feel loved, and they’ve made me feel loved in return. I may not be able to take them with me, but I sure will go as often as I can to give them some love and attention until they find their forever homes.


Watch a Film Series


Another HP reference? Yes. Yes indeed. I love nothing more on a shit day to stick my head in a HP book, or whack the films on the telly. The great thing about a series of films is that’s your easy activity sorted for the next few hours! Grab the popcorn and enjoy. What’s your feel good film? Why not put it on and let it consume you. Forget your rubbish day- you’re now bezzie mates with Hermione Granger and fighting off hundreds of pesky dementors.


Listen to Beyonce


Do it some more. See if you can do that twerky thing whilst no one is watching.


Google a Weird Cult or Crime


Ok, maybe this is just a me thing, but I love to find out about weird, or extremist groups and cults, and research crazy crimes. Why? Because it’s so interesting how humans work, how we’re all so different depending on what we’ve been exposed to in our lives! It’s interesting, it’s sometimes a bit dark, sometimes a bit funny, but it certainly does distract you from you and your life. How can you be thinking about that sarcy comment your coworker made when you’re learning all about people who like to worship giraffes?! (That’s a made up one.)


Do Something Creative


When I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps and I’m looking for a distraction; I like to draw. I’m not great at it, but I do like copying things. So, I find me a picture of something I wanna draw (maybe a lion, maybe a house, maybe a disney princess…) and I keep trying to draw it until I end up with something I think looks quite alright! So why not try and get your creative buzz on? The concentration required might just be the way to take your mind off of other things.


Make Your Bed


Whaaaaat? Why would anyone want to do that? Yes, it’s an annoying chore, especially if you’re doing it by yourself. However, getting a bit of a sweat on trying to tackle your bed sheets into submission, will work off some of that negative energy, and all the while you’re left with lovely clean crisp sheets. Winner! Who doesn’t love clean sheets?! Ps. I’ve never seen anyone look so calm and happy whilst changing a bed- I’m calling fake!


Change the Lighting


Mood lighting is what it’s all about. Ok, the picture I’ve used is a bit extreme… but changing the lighting can make a huge difference! When I’m ready to get in my bed and watch a film in the day, I close the curtains so there is a nice glow behind them that makes the room red, and I turn my bedside lamp on and put the dimmer right now. The ambience totally changes, and calms me.


Get Snug


After changing your bed and adjusting the lighting, it’s ready to get snuggled down and watch that film series we talked about. Wrap that cosy duvet around you till you feel as snug as a bug in a rug, and let the comfort kick in. Relax!


Get Out


Don’t you hate it when you’re feeling pants and someone says: ‘why don’t you go for a walk?’. Erm, no… why would I willingly do something I hate when I feel so rubbish? Exercise. Bleugh. But in all honesty, sometimes getting out of the house is the best thing you could possibly do, and sometimes the hardest thing to do! If your bad day is relating to mental health and anxiety, leaving your nest can be really daunting. But it’s a distraction technique- and a good one at that. Go food shopping, grab a Costa, just drive around- but the change of scenery may help.


Wash Your Hair


Washing your hair can be a real chore, but this is something I try to do when I’m having a bad day, because it makes me feel 100x more together. If I’ve got shiny sleek hair, then I need a shiny sleek attitude to go with it.


Write Something Repetitively


I love doing this. It’s such a theraputic thing to do when I’m annoyed and stressed. Whatever you wanna write- maybe it’s ‘Sandra at work is a silly tw*t’ or ‘I wish I was married to Brad Pitt’, sometimes just the repition can do a lot to calm your mind and get whatever is eating you up, out your system.


Bitch About It!


I know a lot of people may disagree with me- but I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a little vent. As long as it’s to the right people, and you do it in confidence and aren’t harming anyone, then you’re well within your right to talk about what’s bothering you. Sometimes you need to let the word vomit come out with your best friend, to realise that maybe your perspective is wrong, and it isn’t all as bad as your originally thought.


Listen to Beyonce


Yes. ‘yonce it up some more.


Eat the Yums


Forget the calories, drop the diet, and get your fav food in your tum! Food is a definite comfort when you’re having a bad day- whether it’s because you love the taste of that Sainsbury’s ‘Taste the Difference’ chocolate cake, or having a banana to give you that boost of energy you need to lift your spirits, food is an all around good idea.


Do a Little Dance


Get your wiggle on and shake your bootay! Yes, this may well feel like the last thing in the world you wanna do- but it’s definitely a mood booster. Crank up your feel good track (may I suggest something by, Beyoncé, perhaps?) and let it all go baby. Just let that music take control and listen to your body- and let’s get this straight, it does not matter one bit if you look good, this tip is all about feeling good.


Make a Little Love6357408390420931231938245132_winkemoji_0

Ok so I mainly put this one in because I wanted to carry it on from ‘Do a Little Dance’ in true KC and the Sunshine Band fashion. But hey- getting down and dirty is sometimes the perfect distraction, and a great way to release some of those positive, happy endorphins.


Tidy Up


This is another one where you’re probably thinking ‘Tidy? Really? You cray.’ but sweating it out, clearing it up, and going through all that stuff you haven’t touched in years is a great therapy. And it’s always a nice feeling when you’re able to see your carpet again.




Get that word vomit out, and say all the worst words you know. Shout them if you want- scream them into your pillow, or whisper them into the ear of a loved one. However you wanna do it, sometimes saying those taboo words with all the conviction you can muster gives you a real sense of satisfaction and relief.




I find a cuddle the best possible treatment for a bad mood or a bad day. One of those cuddles where you really hold each other tight and feel the hug. That physical closeness is so nice, and so much can be said in a hug. So find someone you love, or I suppose just anyone would do, and say ‘gimme a cuddle please’ and feel those happy and loving vibes spread through your body.

So there you have it, those are my top tips on dealing with a bad day. Feel free to use any of them for your own bad days, and let me know your top tips too 🙂



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